Dead Space

DS1I recently decided that I would play the so called classic games, you know, those ones that everyone has played. Just like the films that every has watched like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Forest Gump” those are the ‘Classics’ and Dead Space is among those when it comes to gaming, I personally haven’t played a lot of the classic games so I decided I would go through and play them all while steaming. I call this my “Old Games Series” and Dead Space was the first game I played on it. The main reason for reviewing it was to see if it was still as good as the games coming out now when it comes to story and game play.  Continue reading




The only picture, can’t reveal too much.

When Orwell came out I was very intrigued by it, but from the screenshots, I wasn’t sure how it would be a game, recently my brother had recommended it to me as he knows my love for in depth and hard hitting story games. And I was not disappointed with this, it was in depth and definitely hard hitting where it counted and the only aspect of the game that I knew about when going into it, was the collection of information on people. Continue reading

Achieved Affiliate

Although my goal was to achieve it in a day, in a week I achieved my goal and got an invitation to become a Twitch affiliate. I am really happy that this happened and I wouldn’t have achieved it without the support of my friends and the IGTV community.

Thank you all for supporting me so much. My next goal: Twitch Partnership

Twitch Affiliate

As far as I know being a twitch affiliate is supposed to help you get to the grand goal of Twitch partner. I don’t know how true this is, but I’d like to see for myself and would love some help if at all possible.

I’m currently 17 followers away from becoming a Twitch Affiliate (At the time of writing) and would be ecstatic if anyone reading this would follow me or just share it around the net and try and reach some people outside of my immediate friend group.

Thank you in advance for any kind of action you take, your support means a lot to me and I will do my best to live up to it and build a small community from those you send my way!

The Evil Within 2

With E3 comes a number of game announcements as expected, this could be updated to an already existing game, sequels or new IP, one that I wasn’t expecting but have been waiting for a long time is The Evil Within 2. I have been waiting for the sequel of this game for 3 years ever since the release of the original and later after that the DLC. Now at the Bethesda Conference, we got the trailer for that game, I’m going to talk about what we can take from the trailer, in my own opinion of course. Firstly, I want to briefly mention that before the game was announced, information about the game was leaked and shared on Reddit briefly before being taken down.

Continue reading