Hide and Shriek

Hide and Shriek is a multiplayer online horror game, in which you face one opponent in the attempts to scare the pants off of them. From the creators of The Secret World and The Park, Funcom has presented another game from the world they have created where every myth and legend has come to life and people fight to keep those secrets hidden. The Secret World has been something I followed from the very early days when it was just a website with a hieroglyphic countdown and followed (Occasionally helping) with the Alternate Reality Games that helped unveil the clues to the world. It is by far my favourite MMO out there and anything set in the world always peaks my interest, so when I got the chance to play as a student from Innsmouth Academy, I was completely ready for it.
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Bounty Train

Bounty Train is a strategy type RPG, at first I didn’t think it was much like an RPG and placed it more in the rouge-like genre with games such as FTL, however after playing the game and learning more about its features it definitely fit more into the RPG category. Surrounding a very western theme of the 19th century using historically accurate events and trains to guide a story, you play as Walter Reed in a somewhat tycoon-esque game.
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Heaven’s Hope

Heaven’s Hope is an adventure, point & click that follows the story of a fallen angel by the name of Talorel, who is looking for his way back to Heaven. When I saw this game I was intrigued by the hand painted scenes and was reminded of some of my favourite adventure games, such as Simon The Sorcerer and my absolute favourite game The Longest Journey. With this nostalgia in mind I really wanted to try this game out and unfortunately, it didn’t live up to my expectations.
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Event[0] is a game in which you rely on your typing skills to interact with your new buddy Kaizen, a smart and intuitive AI. Beginning as a 6-month project and evolving with Ocelot Society, the game has won numerous awards and received backing from France’s CNC and the Indie Fund. After these awards, I had high hopes for this game and I didn’t get what I was expecting, Event[0] took my little bubble and popped it. It completely blew my mind.
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Ian’s Eyes

Ian’s Eyes is a game in which you play a guide dog called North, with your little buddy Ian. A blind 8-year-old who starts his first day at a new school, when things conveniently start to go awry. The concept of the game was intriguing enough to want to get my hands on it and with an aggravated sigh at the completion, I was thoroughly disappointed.
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